Concrete Candle Holder How To Make | DIY Build

How to make a concrete candle holder. Just so happen to be looking around the house, saw a couple bags of concrete and scrap wood. Somehow a candle holder is what I came up with.This a pretty easy project to make thought the week.

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Material I used
– Candles
– Epoxy
– .25 cabinet bumpers
– Concrete lacquer
– Quickrete concrete mix

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44 thoughts on “Concrete Candle Holder How To Make | DIY Build

  1. Small tip with concrete: Use an old electric tooth brush or ladies toy to get air bubbles out of you mix. Just run the tooth brush or toy on each side to vibrate out any air bubbles trapped. This will give you a more solid and consistent curing processes.

  2. so now I've seen the concrete lamp and the concrete candle holder. I'm wondering how heavy these are. They don't look like they're meant to be mobile, but a twenty pound candle holder seems excessive.

  3. Hey man, when you're putting concrete in the form, I would suggest you to oil the form first, that way the concrete comes loose easier after you remove the form and it decreases the changes concrete to break.

  4. Great build man, i love the idea of using concrete to make this kind of thing.
    If you want some color in the candle block, maybe ad some coloring agent to the mixture, it makes things pop out with the color, but still keep the cement texture. I used spray-lacquer to finish of some projects and it also works very well.

  5. I think this is great. I wonder if the ingenuity and creativity you are showing is what made America great when it was formed. Regardless, I admire you and your work. And I'll be a little vulnerable here and hope this blesses you. I'm white. I'd love friends like you to hang around with, make things together and be community. Take care,

  6. Just another tip to get the air bubbles out of the concrete, when you've put the concrete in, get an orbital sander (without sandpaper on) and put it on the "shuttering", switch it on and the bubbles will come to the surface immediately.

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