DIY: How to make Christmas Photo Ornaments

Make these Easy and Cheap DIY Christmas Ornaments, the perfect DIy Gift or Friends and Family!

I make these beautiful photo ornaments every year and I love them! Easy to make and such a lovely gift.

All you need is:
Clear plastic bulb – From Amazon:
Glitter – From Amazon:
Floor Polish
2 1/2 laser jet photo on regular paper Pre-order my NEW book for just $11.57 here:

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40 thoughts on “DIY: How to make Christmas Photo Ornaments

  1. just wanted to know what wording you used on amazon for size and type of balls. I can't find them for any for $.25 ea. or anything even close. Could you Please help. I loved you video and made some with some square ornaments from Hobby Lobby by had a problem with them fading, but after reading comments I thing my problems is ink jet and not useing ink laser didn't realize there would be a difference. but still to make more but the ornaments I bought were still more expensive. Would appreciate your help.

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea with us. I made a few, turned out well. Just went back to the finished ornaments today, the photos are dislodging from the the side of the ornament. Any suggestions? I used Mop N Glow, which I have used other times to do just glitter ornaments.

  3. HELP I can't find clear floor polish The demise of linoleum has made it obsolete Please tell me where I can get it (sorry – pledge no longer makes future etc) or alternative. I love the craft and need to make a wedding ball for my son PLEASE help (Also any ideas on better way to rid bubbles)

  4. How long do your ornamements last how do u keep them from peeling off?.. what else can one use instead of floor polish?. sorry for all the questions just read the commemts and seen that was a problem

  5. I love the red you accidentally mixed in! I can see mixing two or more colors on purpose … red & green, colors from a wedding, school colors … the possibilities are endless!

  6. OMGOOOSH! This is absolutely perfect! I love this idea!  I have a Polaroid Instaprint camera my Husband bought me for scrapbooking. Do you think I am able to use that type of photo paper for my ornaments it is self adhesive? I want to make these because this year we were blessed with our Baby girl! This will be her first Christmas and our first Christmas as First Time Mom and Dad. Im so excited! Thank you for this idea!

  7. was wondering if you could help me.
    I want to make these , but instead of photos, I'd like to put bible scriptures in them.
    My problem is I don't know how to get the Scriptures done in the laser.
    Any thoughts?

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