DIY Lush bath bombs + Demo!

Hope you guys like these DIY lush bath bombs! Theres a bath bomb demo, These resemble lush bath bomb dragon’s egg, lush bath bomb twilight, northern lights, big blue, and space girl There’s also a bath bomb demo to go along with how to make your own bath bombs!

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36 thoughts on “DIY Lush bath bombs + Demo!

  1. Ive made these a couple times and everytime the two sides don't stick together and get stuck in to two mold sides. When i finally get them out of the mold, they crack and fall apart. I have tried this with as really dry mixture, with a really wet mixture, and with one that has the same consistency as hers but nothing works. Does anyone have any tips??

  2. i noticed some bath bombs at lush contain corn startch and some do not. will corn startch have an effect on women and cause yeast infection

    also why do they add cream of tarter

  3. I did the same exact steps and the baking soda activated and it kept creating foam… I put the mixture in the mould and it kept growing and expanding and getting filled with air. what did I do wrong?…

  4. one of the ONLY videos that actually makes sense to me!! the first vid that actually helped me make a legit bath bomb :)) you just earned a thumbs up and a sub.. thanks so much!! definitly going to try more of your DIYS

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