How to Make DIY Artificial Ice Cubes for Photography

Have you ever found yourself needing to use ice cubes for a photo shoot but didn’t want to mess with the real thing? Now you can CREATE YOUR OWN!

– Clear craft beads – $2
– Aluminum foil – $2 (or less)
– Object to form your foil around – Free

Allen Mowery is a Pennsylvania-based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in small business marketing and brand awareness.

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9 thoughts on “How to Make DIY Artificial Ice Cubes for Photography

  1. AWESome I just made mine. it was alittle hard to fold mine but i finally did did take an hour and 20 min….after an hour i put it to broil….i took it out and immediately I put it in cold water manageable to take out ..I used scissors to even things out. not perfect ice cubes but they look fantastic for my photography…thank you for sharing…

  2. Hi Allen, nice tip. If you want them shiny, manage to make your aluminium mold that the shiny side will receive the beads (or the resin) and not the mat side. :)

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