Incredibly easy DIY aerial photography

Wanted to try and see if we could use helium filled balloons strapped to a Go Pro camera to watch out for bike thieves for the To Catch a Bike Thief project (, but instead we just demonstrated how to make little girls cry instantly. Spoiler alert: at the very end we also showed how to make kids absurdly happy, so it all balances out, right?


30 thoughts on “Incredibly easy DIY aerial photography

  1. Gopro army. I know you own one too. LoL We should walk with like ten gopro journalist infront of your daughter while she walks in front of her friends. lol GoPro mania dude. Gopro's everywhere. She will be a Gopro famous.

  2. Hi.
    I'm in Van. Would like to join you someday, in a film task you ideas are brilliant. I want to have a dog party video. Gopro dogs undrwater, and you guys ballooning above. Please sub me, check out my stuff and perhaps we can make a Gopro Army in Van. you guys are the airforce. 😉
    cheers, Chris.

  3. Watched for Gopro trick and the first thing I noticed is my daughter's school in the background. She recognises the kids in the video as well. Very kool idea with the balloons and fishing line.

  4. I think the FCC regulations just say that 1) you can't do it near an airport, and 2) if the payload is more than 4lbs you have to file a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) in advance. But of course don't take my word for it because I might be wrong.

  5. I thought about doing this, only problem is that a buddy of mine took an entire spool and attached it to a drill to reel in/let out line- we did it with a kite to see how high it would go. Well we had the kite roughly 1500 ft up in the air and we were approached by a neighbor who told us that against fcc regulations as it could get sucked in to a plane turbine..

  6. The view was spectacular…my view on shaking the poor kid's trust in humanity not so spectacular.
    DID WELLS: video was a complete success
    NEXT TIMES: engage your live audience to stay, not run

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