6 thoughts on “Angry DIY Photographer: $2 Awesome DIY photography trick for portrait & macro use!

  1. Show us your shots. You drone on about the how but we never see the fruits. Great theory is useless without empirical evidence. As you always say. You have all the gadgets and gizmos, opinions and knowledge. But we never see the end product that you ….. Well enough said. I'm sure you'll have an "intelligent quiff" in response. Love your vids by the way.

  2. Funny, Ken, as you were talking about placing the Mylar reflector for hair illumination, I instantly thought about Dean Collins teaching that technique (using a small mirror) in one of his videos. Glad to hear you were a fan as well–Dean was certainly a master of light. What do you think of Tony Corbell? He worked with Dean back in the 80s and has some pretty nice lighting videos here on the tube. He shills for Bowens nowadays.

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