DIY DSLR Camera Slider with Motor for Time Lapse Photography

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Here’s Captain Kimo’s home brewed DIY DSLR Camera Slider with a motor made for under $40usd. I used a telescope motor and some PVC pipes and wood that I found laying around the house. Everything was glued together with hot glue using a glue gun. The entire setup is very sturdy and works pretty good. The slider motor designed for telescopes moves very slow so this motor is only good for time lapse photography.


20 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Camera Slider with Motor for Time Lapse Photography

  1. Looks simply great! It's a video of 4 years ago, you think this is still the best way to make your own slider or do made any improvements? On the fishing line for example? And any thoughts on the weight the motordrive could carry?

  2. I guess you found something better than the fishing line now to smooth things out, but in case you didn't, fluorocarbon fishing line is less stretchy than mono filament line. Btw thanks for making the vid, that telescope motor is EXACTLY what I need!! : – )

  3. Thanks for tip, I bought a manual slider cost me $45 and I add celestron motor it works amazing, cause slider comes w tighting adjustment option!.
    I also think if you put the side where the motor is a little higher it will be giving more tension to cable, but of course you will gonna have to secure your camera, just make a hole on base and screw it to camera.
    Thanks again for info!!!!!

  4. yeah use some non elastic pull wire and maybe some pvc pipe that is not 100% scratched up… I would line some wider pipe with felt or microfiber to make it not pvc on pvc. A couple linear bearings from eBay with guide rails would not set you back more than the motor

  5. I'm just in the act of building the panning mechanism for my sony nex for time-lapsing.
    I also want to use this motor for that. your video helped me there because there are absolutely no photos of this thing of the backside
    how much revolutions does the motor make per minute?

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