DIY Wood Photo Transfers

We recently included a wood photo transfer as a special added gift to some wedding photography clients. This is how we did it!

The wood was a clean, smooth piece of pallet. All the steps should be explained in the video, but please contact us if you’d like some help!

Music is “Thingamajig” by Jason Shaw used under the Creative Commons License.

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34 thoughts on “DIY Wood Photo Transfers

  1. I don't get it…. everyone is putting an extra layer of glue on top as a finish… whoever started this trend, had limited resources… there is no need for everyone to follow it now. use Polyurethane, Varnish, Shellac or Lacquer to avoid that misty coat of white haze which ruins all professionalism.

  2. Can someone please help?
    So I got the picture to transfer perfectly, and I rubbed the paper off almost perfect, minus a few specks where the ink came off. What is really bugging me is that the picture does not look clear at all like in the videos! It has a white dusty look all over the picture. When I wet it it becomes perfectly clear, but as soon as it dries it looks dusty again. I am assuming this is parts of paper, but I have no idea how to get them off. Any advice?

  3. Do NOT try this with inkjet. I tried it before I found this video and no one told me about inkjet and lets just say that Chesty Puller ended up looking like a cross between the little girl from the Exorcist and Slender Man.

  4. Hey does anyone know if you can put another image over a spot that has gel medium on it? For example, I have done a photo transfer on wood and realized I still have extra wood showing on the bottom. It is already covered with gel medium and the image is fine but I wanted to add a quote to the bottom. Can I use gel medium again or it only works on wood without any prior gel medium? It also has dried mod podge over it…

  5. I love this idea .. Very nice would make a great gift! You did a beautiful job on this project thanks so much for sharing! 1 question ?? Are you dipping you hand in a bowl of water? And rubbing it on the pic? Thanks

  6. Tried this a few times now and always end up rubbing off quite a few spots in each picture (which ends up giving me streaks of wood from underneath). Doesn't look good in the end.  I'm rubbing gently with my fingers so any ideas why this is happening?  Thanks

  7. Doesn't have to dry for 8hours I've done it after they've dried for 4 hours ish. Just as long as its completely dry it'll work. But 8hours to be safe is good when you're trying it the first time to make sure you do it right

  8. love this presentation.  its to the point . fast and slow at the crucial points. no talking , just great music (and the photo on the wood looked amazing ) thanks  

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