Photography Tips – DIY Pop Up Flash Diffuser Part 2

If you’ve already seen pop up flash diffuser part 1 you’ll know how they work and how important the environment you’re using on in is. Here in DPUFD part 2 we’re going to take them outside and see what happens.

When we used the flash diffusers indoors there was somewhere for the light to rattle around in. It bounced off the walls and ceilings creating some really cool lighting from such a tiny flash head. But outside in the wide open world it’s not quite the same story.

Our best DIY flash diffuser (the white card) has nothing to bounce light off and- well just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

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38 thoughts on “Photography Tips – DIY Pop Up Flash Diffuser Part 2

  1. I was about to purchase a popup diffuser before watching video.. I may still get one but I liked the Visiting Card Technique.. I am just an amateur trying to learn from expert.. Thank you for the session.

  2. Rice paper also works well outdoors. Has similar effects with the plain papper, maybe better… (my oppinion). I also used some plastic cups… not very good indoors, better outdoors… Also used the inner carton of the toilet paper indoors. It stops the direct light and reflects it upwards, bouncing on the ceiling (<- bad English i think)… Hmmmm good…

    Thanks for the lessons Mike! – I shared the two parts already ;)

  3. great video! i really needed these tips.
    By the way, when you shoot at night, you should try switching to manual focus after the auto focus adjusts. that way you won't have keep resetting it for every shot.

  4. Really enjoyed the video (and all the rest of them!!)… wondering if you could possibly label which photos were taken using which technique so that it's easier to follow when you speak of them? It gets confusing when there's four photos on the screen at once with no labels… but I love being able to compare and contrast, very helpful!!!

  5. Guys! Could you please give a reason why this Video has 3 negative likes?
    There most be a HUGE reason for that!
    Im really interested.

    @ Mike… That was a really simply and easy way to explain. 
    And physically speaking your theory is TOTALLY correct!

  6. Thank you for these videos! As a complete beginner to photography and DSLR cameras, your videos are what I am looking for. The explanations are put into the simplest of terms, making an immediate improvement in my pictures. Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward to more videos in the future! 

  7. There are many experts in every single field.  Very few have the knack of teaching their subject in a truly "simplified" fashion, making complex material appear easy by both explaining it well and demonstrating it and ……. keeping the lesson interesting and entertaining.  You're a naturally gifted (and outstanding) teacher, many congratulations.  Have watched quite a few of your videos, learnt a lot, still take crap photographs (but better than before!) but hey – who said the learning curve wasn't steep.  I'll be ordering your DVD for my son to watch.

  8. GREAT Videos Mike!  Thanks.  I just made a form diffuser for my off camera flash and was wondering what I was going to do for the pop-up flash.  BTW, do you have any advice on taking pictures in a concert?  My kids are performing in a couple of weeks.


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