DIY Schlieren Photography anyone can do 5 minute setup (SMALL OBJECTS) 1200fps
Less dramatic, easy to do version. Schlieren Photography was discovered by August Toepler. The original concept and the newer modified concept provide much more detail than my concept but for quick analysis, this is simple. This is designed for smaller objects. This might be the least expensive setup ever made.


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  1. I don't know I did this by accident years ago using a dimeria digital camera, this was late 90's, I had it running off of dc and using the computer to control the shots, I opened up the shutter delay to full and had a ordinary lamp, the camera was sitting on the computer monitor and I was in front of it between the lamp, the picture was normal, not out of focus and you could see the heat coming off my body/head.  All these setups are "too complex".  Maybe the second parabolic was the screen or the EM from the cathode tube in the monitor?  There is no focus on this point and shoot digital.  What did I end up "inventing"?

  2. Finally! I saw schlieren photography on TV many years ago, and I've always wondered what it was called and how it was done. Thank you for posting this.

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  5. For solar, the heat loss of a receiving unit can be exposed for better efficiency modifications. A larger mirror would be requires and a diffused redirection sunlight our very powerful light bulb. This is an option to expensive heat detection cameras. The original setup detects body heat.

  6. Your videos are incredible. The sterling engine as well as DIY solar panels are very interesting to me. I currently work as a chef however I believe my true calling is solar energy. I have entirely no idea how to make a living doing it. any suggestions?

  7. Hello Dan, nice simple set up. I think that technically this is a shadow-graph system (no filter block or blade and easier alignment) , which is what I recently made using a portable 22" vacuum activated parabolic mirror (you gave me the idea to use the carnival mirror material) :)

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  9. The main point of Schlieren Photography is that it creates a Collimated light source, which means the light rays are parallel. With a spotlight, the rays fan out in every direction. But if you don't have a parabolic mirror to try Dan's new technique, you might be able to use sunlight peeking around the "knife" edge of a table. Most of us have seen this effect by accident, whenever the sun was shining just at an angle and you see gas fumes, or heat waves floating off the hood of your car. 

  10. Hi Mike,
    The body heat is not visible. Longer focal lengths produce more dramatic results like a mirage. Larger mirrors can have a longer focal length and image larger subjects.The trash can lids seem to give a decent image at a longer focal length, I am trying that. The acrylic mirrors we make have a maximum focal length as acrylic forming requires a noticeable bend or the edges flower ripple, so we have a FL to size maximum ratio. Works great for solar but limits the distance with this project

    G'day mate. Yay Team…! Um, I confess that I've never heard of the method… So I'll have to think about it a bit to underconstunble what's going on here… So, have you retrofitted a SunFoil onto your Fire Chariot, yet ? Ciao !

  12. Is body heat visible with this setup? Does the threshold of visibility change with the size of the mirror being used, as in would a smaller mirror show less heat coming off an object than a larger one? Thanks.

  13. Never heard of it before. Goggleed some of the the layouts. They look difficult. You must think a lot. I would love to see you have a forever grant to fund your life so you can tinker all day long and share your finding on the utube. You make some amazingly creative things. Trash can lid was unbelievable. At first I was like NO WAY then… amazing, Happy New Years to you and your wife.

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