My YouTube & Beauty Photography Background: A DIY Project

This was a requested video on my DIY background that I used in 2012-2013 for YouTube and also some beauty photography. Any items mentioned in this video were purchased by myself or borrowed (from a family member). I no longer use this setup because I have a dedicated room for photography and videography, however this was nice to use when I needed it so I wanted to keep the video up for you.

I have since switched blogs, so the detailed DIY instructions were on my old blog. I have since put my old blog back up since people are trying to access the instructions so you can find that information here:

Please note I have since moved blogs and no longer respond to comments on that blog so if you have any questions and I would be happy to answer your question here!

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23 thoughts on “My YouTube & Beauty Photography Background: A DIY Project

  1. hi, I just watched your video and I'm very interested in it! I tried the link for the instructions but it says I need to be invited to enter that site. It would be greatly appreciated if you can direct me to your instructions. Thank you!!

  2. Can you help me.My background needs help. I am new on YouTube and my challenge is lighting and background. I have a door, wall sockets and a tip of a couch in my shoots. I use a small room in the back of my house. Go to my videos if you would like to see what I am talking about.@RhythmicMovementFitness or under my name.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I'm loving your chair!! I so wanna buy one now! If you check my 1st video you will find it funny that I have a poor chair and I'm so ready to buy a new one! Lol

    Awesome video by the way! :)

  4. I actually made this using wood and fabric, so I am not sure if it would work using cardboard. It may not hold together strong enough for it. I have updated my link in the description box to take you to my blog post I did on this project, where I showed in pictures and step by step how to do it. Hope that helps! :)

  5. @lilybeans21 Haha, yes you will soon learn that my motto is: "If it can be done, I will do it! (or at least give it my best shot!)"
    I love a good DIY and crafty project to save money and make something unique! <3
    Thanks for your comment, <3

  6. @PrettyLady2Nv Yes, I agree it is hard to find a perfect screen to use! I was looking everywhere, even online and I didn't find one that I like. This way if you can make it custom to your style & liking! Let me know if you try it out – I'd love to see a picture!
    <3 Angie

  7. @GlimmerGalz Oh I'm glad you girls like it! If you try it be sure to send me a picture or post it on your channel! AND spread the word! I would love to see others get use out of this too! <3

  8. @glowINGnotes17 Hey thanks for stopping by to comment! I will be doing a video and blog post on my camera and photography very soon! I use a DSLR for both video and photography, it is the Canon T3i.
    Hope that helps!

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