❄ DIY “Photo Memories” Ornament (Gift for Someone Special) ❄

Nothing is more lasting than cherished memories. For this holiday I decided to create this wonderful “Photo Memories” ornament for a few cherished moments I had with someone special in my life. I hope you enjoy this DIY video.

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Royalty Free Music by: Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)
Songs: Jingle Bells (Calm) & Xmas

Happy Wandering! Alice


13 thoughts on “❄ DIY “Photo Memories” Ornament (Gift for Someone Special) ❄

  1. I was watching another post on photo ornaments, and she said the pictures had to be printed on a laser printer, is that how you did it? I am doing this for first time and love your triangle pics!! thanks!

  2. I love the triangular photo set up. Instead of the straw I think i would use a different post like a wood dowel covered with silver wrapping paper or something like that. The fake snow idea would work better for me than the glitter. Definitely gonna do this one :)

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