Can you really make money blogging???

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9 thoughts on “Can you really make money blogging???

  1. Thanks for this, Lydia. Blogging has been such a love/hate things for me over the past few years. I absolutely love the idea of it, and I think I do have creative ideas, and when I had the time before baby number two came along and we started down the autism journey, I think I was making some good content and was staryting to be approached by third parties interested in paying for my content, or partnering with me, etc, etc.

    And now I am at a point with my kids that starting this fall they will both be in enough school/therapy programs that I will have just enough time that I could pay attention to a blog. But I ALWAYS have this pull on my heart and mind whenever I have tried to put my focus on blogging of "because this is not actually profitable at this time is this just a collosal waste of time that I could be spending doing something mor eproductive for my family or someone else". You know what I mean? I know that if you are going to be successful at blogging it is NOT going to happen overnight. And I wouldnt expect it to. But it also just might never be income-generating ever, no matter what you do, so there is alwayst this fear I have that Im wasting my time, which makes me ffeel guilty and gets me off track. Mind you part of that is that the last three years Ive just been SO busy with the kids that I probably diddnt actually have any time to put to it, but now that I might I am praying about giving it another go. Because I DO miss the crative outlet, and when I blogged before it was really for pleasure less than trying to make an income, though now with the bills we have it sure would be nice to make a little income, too, someday.

    Aaaanyway- you poor dear I leave long comments on your videos. 🙂 I guess becuase you seem like someone a gal can talk to. Probably why youre so successful at this. 🙂 God bless and thanks. And thanks for being REAL if I've never said that before. I SO appreciate that :)

  2. I am really grateful I found you in FB, you really have the talent to inspire your audience to do better in life. Thank you so much, Im catching up in your videos and in your blog as well.☺☺☺

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!! I am loving this series. I biggest blogging question: How did you handle slightly changing direction on your blog (you mentioned it started as one thing, and grew to something else)? I've tried blogging (and youtube) and have trouble continuing because I feel like I may have boxed myself in to one type of content that – all of a sudden- I am not as excited about. 

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love blogging too! I've found its a great outlet and platform to teach what your passionate about! Love all of your helpful videos! Keep up the great work! 🙂 

  5. Thank you so much for this video, it was really helpful!  I am currently selling on eBay, but I'm looking for different streams of income and blogging is something I've thought about.  

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