DIY Arm Knitting – Man Vs Corinne Vs Pin

Gone Knitting! See ya Soon!
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35 thoughts on “DIY Arm Knitting – Man Vs Corinne Vs Pin

  1. Okay So I reallllllly want corrine to try something! I watched some girl do a taste test of Pakistani sweets and cringed when she pulled out ''Canned Gulab Jamuns'' Because Canned anything sucks! So, wanted to see if Corrine can make Homemade Gullab Jamuns x'D Pleaseeeeeeeee?

    not be rude but cmin guys, youre better than this, it was like watching one of those old lady tv shows where they do a diy for 3 hours and forget theyre recording. You guys are bad asses, this diy is plain boring.

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