DIY How To Overhead Camera Rig

This is a how-to about building an overhead camera rig for filming & photography. If you want to show how to do something or photograph food, or even products you will find this an essential tool.

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A: #4 @ 1 1/2 x 34 1/2 ” – legs
B: #4 @ 3/4 x 34 1/2 ” – legs
C: #6 @ 1 1/2 X 22 ” – leg braces
D: #2 @ 35 x 1 1/2 ” – leg braces
Q: #2 10 ” 45 degree bevel – brackets
Z: #4 8 ” 45 degree brackets
1/8 ” drill bit
1 1/4 ” screws

E: #2 @ 1 1/2 x 22 ” – rails for track
F: #1 @ 2 x 34 7/8 ” – main track
I: #1 @ 2 x 28 ” – top track with nut
H: #2 @ 1 1/2 x 9 ” – track sliders
G: #1 @ 2 X 30 ” – camera slider
K: #1 @ 1 x 2 ” – slider cap
J: #2 @ 7 x 7 ”
– camera knobs
drill bits
1/8, 1/4,
1 1/4 ” screws
#2 1/4 – 20 – 1 1/2 ” coarse screws & #1 1/4 ” nut

Paper Holders:
6 ft 1/2 copper piping
pipe cutter
#4 copper fasteners
rolls of paper
1 1/4 ” screws


45 thoughts on “DIY How To Overhead Camera Rig

  1. I built one with a few adjustments. Works great for what I need! Thanks for your great videos. I also made a 3D CAD model of it in Onshape. Do you mind if I share that model publicly if I credit you?

  2. As amazing as this is, I don't trust my DIY skills enough to mount my expensive camera and lenses to such a thing haha. Knowing my luck it'll just fall over as I walk off and explode or something, Michael Bay style lol.

  3. I suggest using tee nuts, instead of chiseling out a hole for a hex nut. I think it would also be helpful to be able to move the camera side to side.Finally, Wood dowels are much more cost effective than copper!

    I think I will try this. Thanks.

  4. Great stuff! I recall that in a later video (I think) you mentioned that you would have made some design changes if you make this again. Do you plan to share what those changes would be. Thanks again for some great content.

  5. This is exactly what I need in my craft room above my table. I've tried a tripod for my Canon and a little mini recorder on it as well and nothing works at that angle. I wish I had the stuff to build this! Incredible job!

  6. Great project!!! I might need to make one of these. I was thinking that putting and extra set of copper brackets up high would be a nice touch so you could move the white paper roll up high and create a backdrop for photos for items that need a pic taken from the front view when it's sitting up right.

  7. Great video! I'll have to try it out sometime! I just have a question about the background music you used. Could you tell me what the name of it is? I've been looking everywhere for this background music and I just can't find it anywhere! Thanks! xx

  8. Nice video, enthusiastic, as usual !
    Suggestion: Copper was a nice, colorful touch, to support the rolls, we would generally use an inferior product, at less expense. MOF, you still can! Purchase some PVC tube in 1/2" or 3/4" and make the switch.. use that copper for an artistic project!
    Or, if you feel the PVC is a bit wimpy, use 1/2 or 3/4" EMT which is sold at the same store.
    It's used to run electrical wires within. Both the above come in a 10ft stick, so take a small hacksaw to the store with you so you can cut for carrying home in the car. rc

  9. A girl that uses tools, makes things with an accent!!!! Definitely subscribing!!!! Great rig and chiseling the wood before drilling was a good tip. I use a lab coat for woodworking as well. Thanks!

  10. First of all, thanks for the great videos and instructions. I am just getting into woodworking although I have a shop at home since forever actually.

    I plan to build this rig (probably with some minor changes). Actually maybe two versions of this. One to learn and have at my folks home (where I have plenty space) and a second one that I can break down and assembler without tools for my apartment, so that I can store it away when not needed. Can I link and insert a caption in the videos I plan to make?

    I have some "design" questions.

    On the legs you used two pieces screwed together kind of in a “L” shape. Besides using the little piece (B) to screw down the two braces, do they serve any other practical reason? I was thinking of making it without the little part put using 4 instead of 2 braces to hold the square shape of the frame in place.

    Upper Braces Guides (Part C) sits just under parte E from the tracks, any reason for this not being just one part? Besides this, I was planning to leave the track guides out of the frame and making it “upside down” on the camera slider, kind of like this:
    ∏ ─ ─ ╦─ ─∏

    Having the ends "grabbing" over the side frames. Do you see any reason not to do it this way?

    Thanks in advance.

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