DIY IKEA RAISED BED made from Kallax/Expedit bookshelf! | Chelsea Mason

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►Where is Part 2?
Unfortunatly there won’t be a part 2 Sorry! I moved from that house a few months after making that video, BUT if you would like to see more DIY’s then let me know in the comments!

►I dont think the bed will hold my weight…
Iv’e had the bed for a bit over 3 months & it was still standing so very strong! IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT IT NOT SUPPORTING YOUR OWN WEIGHT… Apply some extra supports with hardwood or something of that nature.. like with any DIY you need to ajust certain things to suit your own needs!

►Can you have ‘special cuddles’ (or do any vigerous activities) on the bed?
Sure! If you believe you have built the bed sturdy enough as well as re-enfoucing the structure, I guess you could. But I’d proceed with caution. BE SAFE KIDS

►What size is your bed?
It’s a double bed and i believe else where in the world it is known as a ‘full sized bed’

►How do you get up onto the bed?
I simply threw one leg over the other.. but you could use a small step, EASY! It’s really not THAT ridiculously high.

►You put the bed in the wardrobe, why? And where do you put your clothes?
I put the bed inside the wardobe frame so I could:
1. Have a view outside my window.
2. Have natural lighting flow through my room easily.
3. Feel like I was in a little hiding spot.
I then bought a free standing wardrobe and used that in the corner of my room to store my clothes as well as using the boxes in the bookunit/bed.

►What if you fall off the bed?
Ouch that would hurt.

Hey guys! Welcome to my DIY bedroom makeover.
This video is all about me making my raised platform bed using IKEA shelving units, as well as a simple DIY wooden shelf and draping around the bed head 🙂 Hope this gives you some inspiration to do some sort of DIY/Makeover to your own bedroom.
ps.if you are stuck for other inspo try
They have the best ikea hacks that are really simple to pull off 🙂


♡P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
•x 2 Kallax 4box Unit – $40 each…

•x 2 Kallax 8box Unit – $75 each…

•x 2 Ekby Stodis Brackets – $2.50 each…

•x1 Lill Net Curtains – $5.99 each…

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37 thoughts on “DIY IKEA RAISED BED made from Kallax/Expedit bookshelf! | Chelsea Mason

  1. I'd be more concerned about the stability of the structure holding up against movement swaying side to side, as there doesn't seem to be anything to support the bed "frame" against that type of force. Especially since IKEA shelves are made out of cheap softwood – not hardwood.

  2. That's really cool. If you end up having to pull out super tall nails again, you can place a fat chunk of scrap wood next to the nail, and use that to lever the hammer. I think I'm going to try this build in my studio. Thanks!

  3. Could anyone on here help me find a way to build a bed (full size) that would fit in my room I have a fairly small room and need a lot of storage but also a full size bed

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