DIY Pinterest Pallet Wood Projects! – My Uses For Pallet Wood!

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The whole intent of this video is to explain a few things I’ve done using reclaimed pallet wood and why. I’ve made mention to it in past videos and have promised a short video showing some of the stuff I’ve put together. THIS is that video…

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9 thoughts on “DIY Pinterest Pallet Wood Projects! – My Uses For Pallet Wood!

  1. Some nice use of pallet wood and recycling, buddy…Rustic or finely finished, the investment in material the same, its the time and effort that really makes the difference…like the finished stand…Jim.

  2. Watcha' drinkin'? 🙂 Way to recycle and save some cash my friend! That TV unit looks excellent, and so does the bee keeper!!! Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the bee project. That should 'bee' fun! haha oh dear… I'm going to be THAT Dad.. the one who embarrasses his kids with awkward jokes! LOL I liked your ending comments. Very special. 600,000 subs? Good luck dude! haha

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