DIY Pringles Can Diffuser (for Macro Photography)

Hi everyone.

Since I couldn’t find any tutorials online that would show with pictures or video how one of these is made, I decided to make one myself. Hopes this helps!

I’d like to thank MalVeaux, orionmystery, and LordV from POTN for putting up with my bombardment of noob questions about macro and being extremely helpful with their replies. As well as CanopicJar, IanClark and LV Moose for the ideas and the help with the Pringles Can Diffuser.

And of course, a BIG thank you to POTN! If you ever need anything related to photography of any kind, be sure to check this forum out!


9 thoughts on “DIY Pringles Can Diffuser (for Macro Photography)

  1. Won't let me reply directly, but thanks for the comments! 😀

    I'm still using the same diffuser, and have since experimented with lots of different materials for the actual diffusion, with white kitchen paper being one of my favourites.

  2. Interesting… might have to make one of these. Here's an idea to make it more versatile: Cut a second tube lengthwise, remove 1-2 millimeters along the cut and tape it back together. Insert this smaller diameter tube into the first one and you now have a diffuser that can slide forwards and backwards to adjust for different lenses/cameras. If the inner tube is too loose, wrap tape around it until the tubes fit snugly.

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