Inexpensive and DIY Photography Gear Solutions Trailer

Join our own Larry Becker as he shares all kinds of cool ways you can save money on a wide range of photographic accessories ( Larry is always thinking of clever alternatives to conventional gear and do-it-yourself ways to make the things you need at a much lower cost. Sometimes we can save money just by learning from the cautionary tales told by our peers. In this class Larry has gathered up a ton of his favorite tips, tricks, and projects to help you find low cost solutions for things all photographers need and use. By the end of the class you’ll be ready to head out to your local hardware store and start experimenting with your own solutions and alternatives, so that you’ll have more money to spend on the important things Here’s the link to the full class – take the 10-day free trial to watch the full course immediately.


2 thoughts on “Inexpensive and DIY Photography Gear Solutions Trailer

  1. great idea for a class. I made v-flats with a couple of large white foam-core cardboard pieces taped together for about $3 and though the edges and corners are a little beat up after a few years they still work perfectly.

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