DIY Edible Slime – Man Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #67

If you can swallow it, anythings edible.
Trigger Warning: Slime
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40 thoughts on “DIY Edible Slime – Man Vs Pin – Pinterest Test #67

  1. after going through and watching all of your man Vs pin videos up until now I think it would be interesting if you had. series where you talk about various conspiracy theories you like and believe in. maybe you could call it something extremely creative and new like man Vs. conspiracy and have a new disclaimer saying something so the Illuminati doesn't come and kill you

  2. fucking read this pllllls fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
    pllllllllls for the name of kittens do
    but in a man vs corrine vs pin pllllllllls meooooooow
    or this
    in corrine vs pin,i want the suger skulls up here the most and thay r really cool so corrine pls pls pls do it, plllllllls
    in corrine vs pin (corrins fan) o, and, so you will read this, fucking shity mather fucker fucking fucking, ok? thx
    btw, im corrines fan
    shes the best

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