DIY Glamorous Dollar Tree Vases

Great and beautiful day YT Family and Friends!

Okay everyone, this is the second part of our tutorial for viewers request. These vases can be used as beautiful centerpieces for the holidays, weddings, or any type of special event. I hope you enjoy, and thank you all for your support and blessings! Blessings abundantly😁😉!!!

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🎀Dollar Tree 9in cylinder vase

🎀Taper Candle Stand of your choice

🎀Medal Ribbon Wrap
Information here

🎀E600 for bonding the Taper Stand to the Vase

🎀Rubbing alcohol for cleaning


First, make sure that your cylinder vase and taper stand is clean with alcohol from all smudges.
Next, apply E6000 to your taper candle stand as instructed the video in the description box above.

Measure how much of the metal ribbon you would need around your vase, make sure that you cut between the thread carefully not cutting any of the squares or rhinestones.
Apply a generous amount of E6000 to the metal ribbon.

(Side Note) You want it to be secure.

It’s up to you on how many rolls of ribbon you want to apply to your vase. I applied only two roles of the metal ribbon.

Now for the basic rhinestone ribbon, cut to your desired width.
Then, apply to the top and bottom of your vase as seen in video. Drying time is about 2hrs for medal and basic rhinestone ribbon. You’re DONE friends!

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💕 1 Peter 2:15-16💕


31 thoughts on “DIY Glamorous Dollar Tree Vases

  1. I wanted to thank you for this video. I know that God blessed you to do what you do, you're very talented! When I came across this video I was in a severe downward spiral. When you have an artistic & creative soul and have no outlet for that creativity, it gets bottled up inside and makes you feel like you're dying a little more each day. To create something as beautiful as these, even if it's just candle holders to some people, it gives you a feeling of freedom, satisfaction & even purpose to some degree. You inspired me! I went to our dollar tree & am now trying to create some that, I hope, turns out as beautiful as yours. God bless you for sharing your creativity & beautiful artistic soul with the rest of the world! I thank & bless you for helping to pull me out of a dark place. I pray that God blesses everything that your hand touches, Amen. Keep doing what God has blessed you to do. Thank you, again! {{{{{hugs}}}}}

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