DIY Hacks & How To’s: Make a 3D Viewer

3D photography or stereoscopic photography is the art of capturing and displaying two slightly offset photographs to create three dimensional images. The 3D effect works because of a principle called stereopsis. In this episode of DIY Hacks & How To’s, Jason Poel Smith shows you how to build your own 3D viewer. Read all about it on MAKE: Here are the instructions on Instructables:


20 thoughts on “DIY Hacks & How To’s: Make a 3D Viewer

  1. Thank you for this instructional video. My daughter & I were just dicussing Stereoscopes from the old days (she loves those things & is overly familiar with them since she was raised doing living history). Now to 'hack' & mini size it for her dolls (from really small to 18' in). The nice part is that I can pick up cheap glasses at Dollar Tree & not feel bad about destroying them.

  2. What about the viewmasters we have today for kids? When it comes to making a stereoscope at home, is distance between the lens and image a huge thing? along with image size? 

  3. Pretty interesting little video, though I wish there was a more detailed explanation at the end on WHY the glasses are made the way they are in each step. I learned a lot though so thumbs up! @gibbo1112 I have two friends that both only have one eye (if u r serious) and it is very sad to me that they cannot enjoy 3-D at all. Maybe there is a way but I don't think so. It would be great if someone came up with some glasses that would work for them!

  4. I can watch both cross-eyed and wall-eyed 3d without discomfort and without tools. Unfortionately in the case of wall-eyed 3d I can only see very small images.correctly.

  5. I found if you close one eye while watching a movie with the camera smoothly panning around a scene, it popped out/in and looks 3D, as the brain tries to compensate with only one eye.

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