Home-Made Abayas – Easy to Make With Pre-Cut Patterns


Women in many Muslim countries like to sew, and in certain poorer areas, they do not have the option of purchasing ready to wear clothes due to their high prices. So the other alternative they have it sew their own abayas and hijabs for themselves and other female members of the family. Some women are quite talented in the art of sewing, but not all can master it, as it requires a great deal of learning and patience to reach perfection. However, if one is willing to learn, there are different resources available to women in almost all countries to learn to sew.

Although there are sewing classes available even in remote villages and towns of most Muslim countries, new beginners can also benefit from the pre-cut patterns available for making abayas, hijabs and jilbabs. These patterns add ease and convenience to the craft of sewing by providing even the novice with a basic cut of the outfit. The person who is keen to learn to sew can easily place the fabric on top of the pre-cut pattern and follow the simple steps provided along with the pattern to cut and then stitch a complete outfit consisting of abayas and hijabs.

Today there are numerous ready to wear and customized tailoring shops for Islamic clothes open throughout the world in addition to the online merchants selling Islamic clothing of all types including jilbabs and abayas in stylish cuts and designs. At the same time though, there are many women who prefer to utilize their own creativity and talent to make unique and one of a kind apparel items for themselves. They can learn to sew magnificent abayas for their own needs with the help of these pre-cut patterns.

The patterns are available in a large variety, with certain simple versions for the new beginners with very easy step by step instructions, which a novice can easily follow, to the more complicated and advanced designs which require a great amount of sewing skills to accomplish. The advanced range of patterns allows the proficient user to include features like flowing cuts, hidden pockets and side zippers in their abayas.

These pre-cut abayas patterns are available in most leading Islamic fabric shops in addition to the numerous online merchandisers specializing in fabrics and sewing needs. Therefore, any women willing to work on creating a nice and classy outfit for herself can easily do so with the help of these patterns, which can make even a professional seamstress’ life much easier.


Source by Sohail Khan

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