How to Transfer a Photo to Canvas

Christy, our Class and Event Coordinator here at our Bonney Lake store, will show you how to transfer a photo to a canvas using Ranger Multi Medium and an ink jet printer.

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44 thoughts on “How to Transfer a Photo to Canvas

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  2. Anyone question about doing this in large format canvas projects? Im talking about 4 foot by 6 foot? Compared to professional jobs..can you do it and still be close to professional?

  3. noticed most people are asking about gel medium…. you can find it anywhere you can find acrylic paint (like for actual painting, not craft paint). comes in glossy, matte, semi gloss, etc. all work for this, just choose what you prefer the finish to look like. mod podge doesn't work the same since it's glue and gel medium has a different use entirely.

  4. Morning from Spain. I tried to do it and I do not know what happened , maybe I did not use the right amount of médium….but when I started to brush with my fingers,in many places the picture went off. maybe too much wáter, could you help me please? Thank you

  5. I wonder if this technique can be used a guideline to paint on the canvas as well? This could be a fun way to help get depth on a canvas painting. do you think that that would work?

  6. I use Modge-Podge (can be gloss or matte finish)  Also, I use a small squeegee to spread the base.  Sometimes, if the weather is very humid,  I use a blow-dryer held about 12 inches, away from print, to quicken drying time.  I use an HP Officejet 8040.   Great video!

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