Splendid DIY! Pinterest inspired DIY cake stand ;)

Make a super cute cake stand with a few bucks and some glue and paint?!?! But of course . . .


15 thoughts on “Splendid DIY! Pinterest inspired DIY cake stand ;)

  1. HI! Just wondering why not spray the plate itself red as well?? I would like to copy the same idea but paint the entire base including the actual top of the plate in red. One can use a pretty doily to place the pastries on top so they wont have any contact with the paint portion of the plate.

  2. Thank you for your effort! What a pretty cake stand. Like the color too. Would not have thought to frost them first so thanks for that info. Wondering if sanding the bottom a bit to get the shine off before frosting would help the glue bond better. Just a thought. You were fun to watch. Facial expressions and your little dance…adorable!

  3. Great idea, I myself paint a and decorate wine and champagne glasses and use them as candle sticks I find that once painted and dry I finish them off with 2 coats of spray varnish this will protect the paint work

  4. I have all of my materials and I'm ready to try this for the first time. One thing I didn't realize until watching this now.. My plates are clear. I'm thinking I'll paint before I glue together. Will it still work if I do that? Or will there be a bonding issue with the glue and paint?? You seem like you know what you're doing.

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