How to start a Bullet Journal // DIY Planner // Veronica Marie

To start off 2017 I decided I want to be more organized. So one of the ways I’m going to do that is by starting a bullet journal. Not just to keep me organized, but to also keep me motivated. In this video I go over the basics to starting a bullet journal, and show you how I started mine.

I hope you all have a AWESOME NEW YEAR!!!


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Also if you’re intrested in the gel pens I used in this video you can find them here on amazon:


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Veronica Marie


8 thoughts on “How to start a Bullet Journal // DIY Planner // Veronica Marie

  1. I'm 13 In February and I got my first bullet journal on my 10th birthday and I've loved it since! My levels in my art have become a lot better since starting and I love doing it with a passion !! Xx

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