Learn How to Knit – Knitting for Absolute Beginners – Beginner DIY Tutorial Knit Purl Cast On Off

Donna Wolfe from Naztazia http://naztazia.com shows you the basics of knitting for the absolute beginner. In this video you will learn how to select the correct yarn, knitting needles, plus other supplies. Then you will learn how to cast on stitches – casting on is the process of putting loops on your knitting needle. Next you will learn the knit stitch and the garter stitch. Also you will learn the purl stitch and the stockinette stitch. Next you will learn how to cast off or bind off your stitches and properly weave in your ends. And you will learn how to make this Essential Beginner Cowl.

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29 thoughts on “Learn How to Knit – Knitting for Absolute Beginners – Beginner DIY Tutorial Knit Purl Cast On Off

  1. i suffer from severe anxiety. i taught myself how to crochet thanks to your YouTube videos and it's amazing how therapeutic it is. Crocheting literally keeps me sane lol. I've always wanted to learn to knit as well so this makes me very excited. I can't wait to get my hands on some new yarn and knitting needles and get started on this project!! thank you so much, Ms. Donna!


  3. Thank you so much for this video! I have been trying to learn how to knit for a couple of years now. It's hard transition from crocheting so long! I can't wait to see a video with increases and decreasing for knitting. I'll stay tuned.

  4. Hi Donna, I loved the video.  You make it look so easy.  I will definitely come back to this video once I am done with all of my crochet projects.  I do have a question though.  Instead of buying both straight needles and circular needles can you use circular needles on all projects?  Thanks and please keep the beginner knit videos coming.

  5. Thank you Donna for another great tutorial. I know the concept of knitting and now after watching your video I'm going to try and make that cowl. Thank you. Have a blessed day.

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