Worst DIY Craft Fails of 2016! | @karenkavett

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28 thoughts on “Worst DIY Craft Fails of 2016! | @karenkavett

  1. i thought the masks were super cute and i would have loved for you to post it, maybe just adding a disclaimer at the end telling people to check the eyeholes are spaced correctly for their face.

  2. I have to say about masquerade masks… I think they rarely look great on a person.
    Sure, if they fit perfectly and the eyes are actually visible and all it can look okay but I think they often just look weird on people.
    I love how those masks look as decoration, but I don't like how they look actually on someone.
    They usually cover parts of the eyes and are off centred and… I don't know, I want to like them but I really don't.
    So I think it wasn't entirely your fault in my opinion.

  3. It's my favourite video) I have some fails on painting. I decided to make several women naked on a canvas. But I am not good in anatomy, and my boyfriend took a photo of me as information. I did 3 paintings in a short time. But more I was looking at them less I liked. I repainted one woman on the top. And others 2 now covered by beautiful landscapes =)
    Also I had some experiments with abstract painting, I did 3, and just one I like.
    Oh, and just fresh fail. I decided to paint my portrait , like I'm blind person. It was horrible =) never will do it again))

  4. my sister loves steam punk so I was looking on Amazon for ideas for a Christmas present. I found this really cool pen holder and I thought I could make something like that.So I tried making it and failed at that. Then I thought I could make her octopus ornaments. So I bought air dry clay, steam punk gears and what not total fail. Didn't work out so I bought her something instead lol.

  5. I really really loved THE masks !! I surely think you could have posted it.. Just had Saïd to check THE eyes placement so that THE viewers wouldnt make THE mistake. They were so beautiful!

  6. Wow I love your fails! they look so cool. I want to try the stitch snowflake on my gloves, with your fail I know now I need to find and mark my center before doing my stitching. Not mention the mask, I just need to measure where the eye holes go on my face then decorate it with the lace. And you got to do more modesty clothing videos, or is it call from shabby to Fab? I would have learn a lot from your fail of what not do and how to properly get it to work without them. Please Karen, I need you to make these fails and not give up on the project if it fails.

  7. Once I tie dyed some pillow cases and sheets and I made a really cute heart-shaped tie dye and they looked amazing and I was so excited, but the same thing happened…the dye washed out completely because it was the wrong kind of fabric and I was so disappointed…

  8. Instead of fails, you could call all of these things experimental prototypes. I often expect that the first time I try making something, it's going to turn out less than ideal, and the second one turns out better.

  9. Watching craft fails like this is giving me the confidence to try new things and realize it is ok if it doesn't work. And watching this one makes me realize it might lead me to do something even better. Thank you!

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