Halloween Skull Makeup – Chrisspy

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Eye Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1ml6avTA7g&list=UU3JxYPRHnB5TvaCFuKfcdJQ

Halloween Store White Cream Makeup
Halloween Store Black Cream Makeup
Matte Black Eyeshadow (ABH)
Contacts: http://www.brilliantcontacts.com/halloween-contacts/werewolf-contacts/werewolf-contacts-orange

Brushes: http://www.sedonalace.com/Cosmetic-Brushes/168/12-Piece-Synthetic-Professional-Makeup-Brushes-with-Brush-Cup-Holder.aspx


33 thoughts on “Halloween Skull Makeup – Chrisspy

  1. Hi Chrisspy I did this look yesterday for Halloween and it came out nice for my first time an I used the same paint as you but my white paint was so hard to put on it would smear a lot an look patchy but here on the video yours looks so smooth! So you need to wait for it to completely dry to start shading?

  2. Thank you for this tutorial, it is currently 1:25AM Halloween day and I have no costume. This video saved me. Earlier, I bought 1 black cream makeup and one white one in the Halloween section, all for no more than 4$ and I tried out this tutorial. It really isn't that hard, you just have to do it as if you're painting on a canvas. You need to work the curves to form the teeth and be very careful when tracing the thin lines. At the beginning, I looked so funny and thought it was a complete disaster, but when I continued on and added the shading and teeth it really came together and looked decent. I suggest waiting 10-15 mins after putting the white cream on before adding the black details or to use a powder to set it. ( btw I suggest using a makeup sponge instead of a brush and to dab instead of swiping the cream)

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