Sharpie Mug | Testing Pinterest DIY Pins! ♥

I tested out the popular Pinterest DIY pin, the sharpie mug, and let you know how realistic and reproducible this project is!

Estimated cost: $5
Estimated time: 30 min prep, 1 hr bake

Thank you for watching! Let me know in the comments below what other Pinterest pins you would like me to test out! Until next time,

♥ Elizabeth JJ



3 thoughts on “Sharpie Mug | Testing Pinterest DIY Pins! ♥

  1. im glad i stumbled across your video. Ive been racking my brain with this sharpie mug thing. So many people saying it works vs so many people saying it doesn't work. So i was just wandering did you ever make another mug with the ceramic pens/paints? If so, did it work better than the Sharpies?    I wanted to make these a christmas gifts but not if there going to ruin the first few times their washed… thanks for this video!!

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