Origami – How to fold a paper Bow/Ribbon

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Paper size used – 6 x 6 inch (15 cm) origami paper.
Use 3 x 3in (7.5cm) for cute little bows!

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When the paper is folded into the middle at the beginning, make sure the coloured side is facing up, if you have a white side to the paper.

I hope you enjoy my video, I also have another version of this bow, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jKXdkSkzFE

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Paper size used – 6 x 6 inch (15 cm) origami paper.
Use 3 x 3in (7.5cm) for cute little bows!

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36 thoughts on “Origami – How to fold a paper Bow/Ribbon

  1. Thankyou for your help it was my first time trying out origami and succeeding and even memorizing the steps that I teach my cousins and siblings your work so they can go and check it out as well. Now I really love practicing my origami during my free time thanks.

  2. I give no hate for something that is difficult (it's not too difficult to memorize, but it is in my opinion) to memorize something, cut it, and fold it so much in order to make this bow. :3

    Thanks for making his video!!! :3

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