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36 thoughts on “Tony & Chelsea LIVE: Photography Hacks, DIY Ring Light Preview, and live reviews of YOUR photos!

  1. Wireless tethering…. Yep, it "sucks" (hate that phrase cos I'm English), but it's true!
    However………… I have persevered with it and I seriously enjoy it. You shouldn't expect it to be super efficient yet and you shouldn't expect it to be totally trouble free, but you should give it a chance.
    I use Eyefi cards and I love them for travel photography. I pop one into the second card slot on my main camera body and have one permanently installed in my mirrorless, travel camera also. I set them to record just jpg basic on my main body and raw / jpg-basic on my mirrorless (Fuji X100s). I then configure them for selective upload. This option allows you to upload protected images only.
    Simply go through your day's photo shoot on the back of your camera and image protect all the shots that you want to view on your computer or tablet. This automatically filters for these images only and restricts the resolution to jpeg basic so that the file transfer time is minimised. Having done this, you can sit back and view your work over a gin and tonic in the bar, without wires or card readers.
    I accept that it's still not perfect but it beats whipping out your memory card or carrying cables when you're traveling. It also allows almost universal transfer to any wireless enabled device.
    Don't give up too easily on Wireless transfer………  
    Tony you should investigate this further. It has to be the future for image transfer and your opinion is influential. We need to support this innovation in the hope of seeing it develop into a fully fledged transfer medium in the future.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Shots from a wheelchair…………. Good question great answer Chelsea.
    There's not much you can do about your restricted angle of view from a wheelchair, but you can own it and hone it as your style. There's no rule that says we have to view the world from a standing, eye level perspective.

  3. Another enjoyable show! I just love how younce each other with comments & suggestions, it's fun to watch. And I bursted out in laughter at the part with the background monitor & OCD… ^_^
    But what's really interesting: Your views on equipment & techniques and mostly the suggestions on photo reviews. That Lightroom thing is just brilliant! I learned a lot just from what you did to the user's photos. It shows how much important the "photographer's eye" really is – and how much you can gain with proper postprocessing… ;-)

  4. Justin laughs at 12:31 because Tony hesitantly refers to Pat Benatar as "a singer?"!!!! Hit me with your best shot? I love rock n roll? We belong? She paved the way for women in rock in roll! So I think you gotta get the guitar in the shot… Important part of the story esp, for the few "Tonys" out there who don't recognize the 4 time grammy award winner. 

  5. My easiest, most favorite hack: Can't or don't want to carry a fully tripod, or even monopod? Bolt a 6-8ft. non-stretching string/rope to the mount of your camera. Then, while holding the camera at eye level, step on the other end of the rope with your foot. Pull the rope taught and you have at least one axis stabilized. Lightweight, cheap and effective.

  6. What's up with the weird headset +Tony Northrup? It is very distracting, & looks like she is either about to bust out in a song & dance, or else tell me to "please hold". Why not just use the new Rode smartLav+? It has excellent sound quality and you can keep it hidden.

  7. I had an English professor who had to shed his Southern accent while he was pursuing his Ph.D; he said his accent returns when he's had too much bourbon.

    I always think of oil tycoons when I hear a Texan accent!

  8. When are these photos from?  I submitted one a thousand years ago and still haven't seen it reviewed…I'm wondering if it got lost and I should try again!

  9. The A3 sheet of paper is attached to the upward pointing flash with the elastic. It multiplies the size of the source by a factor of 6. And while not anywhere near as soft as a shoot through brolly neither is it as harsh as the flash itself. A3 not A4 because the A4 creates more of a pipe, while the A3 opens out at the top with a bit of a curl at the edges. 
    Rich people can use a heavier grade paper and 'two' or even 'three' elastic bands
    What I've not tried is if a yellow legal type of paper will cast a more golden dispersal. 

  10. kid on swing… kinda dark where shes looking, like her friend, who happens to be a monster in the woods, is knocked down cause she swung back and hit him and he went flying, so shes laughing at him… :)

  11. oh i thought of the cookie pan thing a few years ago! i was washing a cookie sheet and yelling "WHY do we have this nasty thing?!" took a shot just hand holding it behind a flower on the counter, and it looked crazy cool!  –  with yer starlight ringlight, why didnt you use cheaper peg board to hook the lights to,and just cut out a lens hole?

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