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Maori tattoo designs are part of the Polynesian culture. The Maori people live in New Zealand and have a long history of tattooing. Most ancient Maori tattoo designs were on the face of men. Women were not tattooed as much but when they were, their tattoos were usually put on the chin or lips. Nowadays the majority of tattoos are inked on the body, like the arm.

You may really like the tattoo designs but keep in mind that it is considered an insult for a non-Maori person to have a traditional Maori tattoo design. If you go to an experienced tattoo artist, they will give you a tattoo that resembles the Maori design. You can find high quality Maori tattoo designs online and pick which one you want your tattoo to resemble.

What’s different about Maori tattoo designs? Most Polynesian tattoo designs follow a straight line pattern. Maori tattoo designs are spiral in design. When you first look at the tattoo you will see small circles but as you keep looking, you can see how those small circles blend into bigger ones. Maori tattoos were painful to receive. Knives and chisels were used to make incisions to insert the ink. A person without a tattoo was considered worthless.

If you are considering a Maori tattoo think about the significance of the tattoo. A tattoo is your statement to the world. It should be personal to you but you will tell the story when someone asks about your tattoo. Find a tattoo design that can be changed to fit your personality. The best place to find unique tattoo designs is an online tattoo gallery.

An online tattoo gallery will give you thousands of high quality tattoos to choose from. You can take more than one tattoo and combine them to get the design you want. What’s so great about membership tattoo galleries is that you can print or download as many tattoo designs as you want. Once you’re a member, you have full access to the site. It is a small investment to make for something that will be with you for life.


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