2017 Jewelry Designs Highlight The Popularity Of Silver In Other Metals


The year 2017 is already on and the jewelry trends also have has taken its turn to freshen up. The arm cuffs, statement necklaces, earrings of big sizes and raw stones are making the style statement this year. They are making an impact during fashion weeks as jewelry trends for spring and summer.

2017 jewelry trends are stressing the importance of silver jewelry and designs as well as all other metals. The advantage of silver being affordable in comparison to other metals has given it priority. This year the creative minds are focusing more on hoop earrings, floral jewelry and geometric designs in jewelry. There is silver jewelry in huge pieces offering very little disclosure. These jewelry types cover the neck part to a great extent and look elegant on women with long and short necks.

The 2017 silver jewelry design is sure to go in good combination with fashion as there will be gemstones and rose gold. The trend will highlight with silver jewelry as ear climbers and will come as statement pieces. There will be more of silver engagement rings featuring the center stone as colored gems as is the trend. The popular choices expected are ruby and sapphire.

There will be jewelry in art deco-themes and definitely there will be no dearth for imaginative, beautiful geometric pieces that emerged in the last quarter of 2016. In fact, a small guess is that there will be revival of the 1970s fashion that is yet not any less charming. The gold and diamond earrings will have its gala prominence as ever and the geometric shapes are sure to make a faster move this year.

Silver or gold earrings will come studded with diamonds and white topaz forming statement earrings with lots of color and bold designs. There will be stylistic motifs enhancing even the trendy dresses replacing the contemporary jewelry to a great extent.

It was expected that floral print dresses will take into popularity and as predicted it has. Besides, the floral motifs are also blossoming in the right way. There is an expectation for silver jewelry to be in the fashion line and jewelry this year will present a futuristic ultra-modern vibe. It will be a contrast to the di it yourself jewelry trends.

Just as the jewelry trends are changing, even the fashion will change. The small cross-body bejeweled bags will be in prominence. The hemlines will drop to ankle and midi length, while the necklaces will be longer. The choker will not lose its place, but the cuffs in silver will make its place this year. Fashionistas will concentrate on statement pieces such as suites and wear layers in jewelry.

The other organic materials such as amber and pearls are anticipated to make its way into the modern jewelry designs. There is a hope to see more colorful metals in green, purple, pink, etc. Charm bracelets will morph into a necklace. There will be more of rope and chain necklaces in all the important metals. However, the jewelry design always is based on individuality and the fast changing trends are intensifying.


Source by Karen K Williams

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