Shopping For Wall Decor Online

[ad_1] Choosing home decorations requires a keen eye for aesthetics and a good sense of choosing the right decor to use. In your home interior decoration project, selecting the suitable decoration is a significant step. It is crucial indeed to give equal attention to the walls of your home and to give it a wall makeover for a refreshing look. Wall decor have a special role in your home decoration project and that is the reason why it is also best to carefully choose one when you buy one. The Internet provides a number of results on wall decor and … Continue reading Shopping For Wall Decor Online

Banksy Monkey – Banksy Fallen Angel

[ad_1] For individuals who do not know or who are not familiar with the name Banksy, the graffiti and street artist’s success and fuss surrounding him can be intimidating indeed. Started from humble beginnings during Bristol’s aerosol boom era, his road to success was well on the way when he succeeded in developing a unique trademark technique which combined stencilling (akin to Blek le Rat’s) and graffiti writing. His technique allowed him to create his artworks quicker. Today, the majority of Banksy’s art and portraits fetch a hefty price tag. Although they are pricey, the demand for his works are … Continue reading Banksy Monkey – Banksy Fallen Angel

Giclee Fine Art Prints – An Affordable Alternative

[ad_1] It is often said that life is not complete without beauty. And where is beauty more evident than in art? Thus, from the wealthiest to the modest, one would more often than not invest in at least one piece of art. However, there are growing numbers of individuals who would like to build their own art collection but are hindered by the cost of an original piece. With the rise of fine art prints, collecting works of art is no longer limited to the wealthy alone. Fine art commonly refers to artistic expression that is geared towards aesthetic appeal … Continue reading Giclee Fine Art Prints – An Affordable Alternative

Saree Blouse Designs: How to Choose the Most Flattering Saree Blouse

[ad_1] Saree blouse designs keep changing with the fashion trends. Several designs and styles are available in sari blouses like halter neck, spaghetti strap blouses, tie-ups, big bow back, single shoulder, low wide neck, puff style and others. Sari color and fabric should be chosen according to your height, figure and complexion. The beauty of saris depends on another factor, the blouse designs. That is why women pick their blouses with the utmost care. A ill-chosen blouse can destroy the image of a perfect Indian sari and all your efforts to look attractive can go in vain. Like sarees, saree … Continue reading Saree Blouse Designs: How to Choose the Most Flattering Saree Blouse

Farah and Gabicci Vintage Clothing – Designs From The 70s and Beyond

[ad_1] Gabicci and Farah are a pair of major fashion labels that produce vintage clothing. Gabicci Vintage was initially brought to the marketplace in the early 70s. It was made by two designers that found inspiration while at a traveler resort located in Gabicce Mare. The Gabicci clothing features a great Italian 1950s fashion fashion. The coats and tops feature suede sewing. It provides a somewhat casual appearance with some edging details. It offers an array of fashion collections such as gauge knitwear and also cotton fabric. The most current Gabicci fashion was inspired by the classic knitted shirts. The … Continue reading Farah and Gabicci Vintage Clothing – Designs From The 70s and Beyond

Where Did Manga Come From?

[ad_1] While Manga seems to be growing ever more popular, which often leads many to believe that it’s a relatively modern creation it’s actually been around (in its early form) for over a thousand years. The tradition of telling stories with a series of sequential images has been a part of Japanese culture long before what we now know as present day Manga ever came about. In fact Toba Sojo, an 11th century painter-priest, has been attributed with the earliest examples of pre-manga art with his animal scroll paintings which satirised the Buddhist priesthood. Over the years the religious world … Continue reading Where Did Manga Come From?

Tattoo Care Tips – How to Keep Your New Tattoo Sharp and Vibrant

[ad_1] When you got your first tattoo, you may feel your ink a bit slimy and slippery and there may even be some oozing plasma. You have to remove the residue on your tattoo quickly or it will create scabs if the plasma dries on the skin surface. Here are some new tattoo care tips for you. After you’ve been inked, you have to pat the area with a clean towel or with paper towel to dry it completely. Be careful not to rub on the area too hard. It is best to apply some ointment on the wound. The … Continue reading Tattoo Care Tips – How to Keep Your New Tattoo Sharp and Vibrant

What Are the Different Types of Indian Dresses?

[ad_1] There are 29 states and 7 union territories of India and each state has its own culture and traditions. The splendour of this country is widespread all over the world. It is a country of diversity with the feeling of oneness. People of different castes and religions have different standards and norms of living. These different castes and religions are characterized by different Indian dresses. Indian dresses reveal the beauty of the country’s culture and traditions. Now we will discuss different types of Indian Dresses in the following manner. • Sari It is a dress which is worn all … Continue reading What Are the Different Types of Indian Dresses?

Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

[ad_1] Thanks to the recent Deco resurgence, Art Deco Engagement Rings are once again in vogue. Brides-to-be are becoming more vocal when it comes the style of engagement ring they would like. The thinking is that if I’m going to be wearing it my whole life – I want to love it! And women want to be unique, yet be elegant, stylish and classy all at the same time. They want to express themselves and the jewelry they choose to wear is an extension of their overall look and style. Art Deco engagement rings are popular because they meet the … Continue reading Art Deco Style Engagement Rings

Swarovski or Waterford – The Trusted Name in the World of Crystal

[ad_1] In the past, the diamonds were considered to be a woman’s best friend. But time has changed and the views of people have changed drastically. It is a known fact that diamonds are one of the most precious stones available. No doubt about the shine, glamor and glitz, but the price is too high. As a result, some suitable substitutes came to the market. One such substitute is the crystal. They also feature for great sparkling effect with outright shines and glamour. Moreover, a wide range of artistic designs can be created while cutting these items into newer shapes. … Continue reading Swarovski or Waterford – The Trusted Name in the World of Crystal